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Buddy’s ladies: Tracy Cuthbertson and Linda Hughes:

Buddy’s Boxer Rescue (registered charity number 1188717)

Buddy’s Boxer Rescue is a small charitable rescue organisation, started in January 2018 and run by volunteers who share a love of this beautiful breed. We attained charitable status in March 2020 and have rehomed around 400 dogs up to now (September 2022).

Our aim is to rescue abused, abandoned and neglected boxer dogs and other breeds when we can, by getting them to a place of safety and securing them permanent loving forever homes. We focus specifically but not exclusively on cases in Spain where levels of maltreatment, neglect, and abandonment are particularly high. We do not have a central shelter or location, all our dogs are housed within boarding kennels in Spain or with dedicated foster families across the UK where they receive love, attention, and any veterinary assistance required. We also assist owners who, for a variety of reasons, need to find new homes for their beloved dogs.

We are self funded and very proactive in organising regular fundraising activities to raise much needed cash to enable us to help save these dogs. Of course our funds never quite go far enough so, if you can spare any amount of cash, no matter how small, it will greatly assist us in supporting our work. We cover the costs of boarding, veterinary care which includes blood tests, spaying or neutering, and vaccinations as the very basics, as well as release fees and transportation, our PayPal address is buddysboxerrescue@gmail.com

We have all built up years of experience working with various animal rescue organisations, contributing significantly towards achieving a high success rate in finding loving forever homes through our far reaching network of contacts throughout the UK and Spain. We are paid only through the unconditional love from the dogs that we save.

Due to problems with our Paypal account, please donate via our bank account until further notice. Details of our bank here